Office Openers

Alex MacDonald, Vice-President, Admiral Insurance, has a desk in this colourful space, alongside other employees.

Two companies in Atlantic Canada challenge their employees to take ownership of their workplace You can’t help but smile when you walk into Admiral Insurance’s office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Housed in the former Hudson’s Bay department store, it’s is a wide open space the size of a football field with coloured balloons, huge posters […]

The Inoculation Of Resilience

A turtle with stones balancing on its back.

Does workplace training fortify staff, making them less inclined to mental illness? “How can I help an employee struggling with mental illness?” It’s the most frequent and most pressing question Charles Bruce hears when he speaks about workplace mental wellness. To gauge how problems with mental health impact the workplace, you can count the number […]

The Measure Of Success

A measuring tape.

For companies large and small, long-term success hinges on collecting the right information and using it to make better management decisions Many of us associate company performance with profit. After all, business is about making money and a company that isn’t making money won’t stay in business for long. But a company’s financials are just […]

The Compassionate Edge: Grow Success

Woman working on her business.

Grow Success: Positive thinking is no substitute for positive action “Apply yourself both now and in the next life,” the philosopher Plato wrote. “Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, you cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation.” His words run counter to the concept of the Law of Attraction that […]

Participate To Succeed

Colleagues talking with one another at a table.

Top performers take heart and take part, actively there and practice conscious communication Communication is at the centre of every human interaction. But the quality of communication can vary. It has the capacity to build or undermine relationships among team members and co-workers, and it can unite or separate people. The quality of an organization’s […]

Rethink The Approach

DevFacto employees. Photo courtesy of 3Ten/Eugene.

Create a corporate culture that lets you redefine your company as a top performer Consumers, customers and suppliers can sniff out a top performing culture without reading a company’s HR policy or philosophy statement. Employees who work for companies with a top performance culture are energized and authentically empowered. That vibrant combination lays the relationship […]

Pull Up A Chair

A contemplative man.

HR’s place at the table of real estate and office planning is becoming demonstrably necessary In my experience with designing workplaces, it has always been a pet peeve that HR is rarely at the decision-making table. In any workplace planning project there’s a large number of players including internal real estate staff, IT staff, project […]

Find The Best Consultant

A consultant speaking with clients.

Dr. Bob Shulz, Professor at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary has given more than 400 time-management workshops to business clients in addition to his duties as a professor. Shulz knows choosing the right consultant can be tricky; here is a Your Workplace guide to implementing his recommendations for making the […]

Financial Distractions

Woman and man engaged in a conversation.

Even corporate execs need a roadmap to personal finance We frequently compare high-performance leaders to high-performance athletes. Disciplined training, ability to perform under pressure, focus and stamina are among the traits the two groups share. When that critical moment arises, when an executive’s leadership is tested, she needs to be at her peak to accelerate […]

Survive The Season

A woman out in the winter weather.

Deck the halls with boughs of coping strategies For some people, the holidays are part of a season full of joy sprinkled with flakes of wonder. For others, they’re a mix of crushing deadlines, overindulgence and a complicated personal life. Here’s a list to help you cope, adapted from The Canadian Mental Health Association’s Ten […]