The Compassionate Edge: Eating Adversity For Breakfast

A row of falling dominoes being stopped by a hand.

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” ~Alfred A. Montapert Known for his 1970s book, The Supreme Philosophy of Man: The Laws of Life, Alfred A. Montapert wrote, “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” No matter how much careful planning and organizing you do, problems arise. As a leader, you must have the poise […]

Lunch Time

An empty table setting with a measuring tape wrapped around the utensils.

Build A Better Lunch This year, you’re going to eat better. You’ve decided to eat out less, choose healthier snacks and bring your own lunches — but now that you’ve set a goal, what goes into your brown bag? Building a healthy (and tasty) lunch doesn’t have to be hard.

Find The Gym

A woman exercising on an ellipitical machine. Photo courtesy of @nikmock via Twenty20.

Strategies To Help You Fit In Time For Your Workout How many times have we promised ourselves that this will be the year we hit the gym and get in shape, only to have it fall apart as soon as we get too busy to honour the commitment? Well, according to Jessica Zapata, a personal […]

Five-Minute Fix

An hourglass halfway through timing.

Deal with personal stress without leaving your desk Stress can motivate you to meet a deadline or it can cripple your ability to get things done. The fight-or-flight response your body generates isn’t helpful in the context of the modern workplace. Sitting at a computer trying to cope with stress can quickly overwhelm you. To […]


Hand spinning fidget toy.

In 2002, Dr. James Levine with the Mayo Clinic introduced his research on the benefits of non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT. Levine evaluated the difference between people who move a lot each day (even the smallest movement counts) and those who are innately more still. Levine was the first to quantify that a person who […]

Let it Go!

Young man and woman in an argument with loose papers flying in the air.

Harbouring resentment towards a coworker can make your workday unproductive In a company presentation, Richard “forgot” to give Charlie his due credit for a project they had worked on together. Charlie pointed it out to him later, and Richard rectified the oversight with a followup email to their boss, mentioning Charlie’s participation. Charlie knew it […]

Engaged but Restless?

Young businesswoman at her laptop showing signs of distress.

It’s a paradox, but Canadian employees are both focused on their job and itching to move Chances are good that your employees feel engaged in their work. According to a July 2012 study released by international HR consulting firm, Hay Group, 68% of Canadian workers are engaged, slightly higher than the global average of two-thirds […]