Flexible Work: It’s Time for the Workplace to grow up!

“Work sucks, right?” Jody Thompson, author and co-creator of the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), shouts gleefully into the crowd. She is the closing keynote speaker at the 2013 Your Workplace Conference.

The packed room is silent for just a second. The conference delegates quickly recover by shouting back “No!”. This is probably not the response Thompson usually gets, but let’s face it, we are talking about a room filled with people who are obviously committed to a healthy, progressive work culture.

Thompson explains what she means by saying “work sucks”. As adults, we don’t appreciate someone telling us when and where to do our work. And it’s not much better for managers. It’s frustrating to spend so much time fielding requests to leave early, come late, and work from home. She says it makes us feel like babysitters who sit and pine for when we actually get to work on strategy.

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Jen Amos
Jen Amos
Jen Amos is a freelance writer, researcher and editor based in Kingston, Ontario. She can be found on twitter at @jamos_ca.