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The Road to (Leadership) Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

The art of leadership is a demanding challenge. It requires creating a highly engaged and purpose-filled team that shares a common understanding of what is expected and desired. Ideally, it is about exceeding expectations and having fun while doing it.

The reality, unfortunately, can be drastically different. Research from Gallup, a research-based management consulting company, indicates large numbers of disengaged employees in organizations today. In addition, previous research that they conducted also hows that one of the primary reasons why employees leave organizations is because of a poor relationship with their immediate supervisor.

These cases are not always about the “bad apples” that are ruining the leadership bunch. In many circumstances, the offending parties may not even be aware of their transgressions and what appears to be happening is a case of good intentions gone awry. A leader-manager who I once coached (let’s call her Susan) provides a perfect illustration of this situation in practice.

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Craig Dowden
An engaging and inspiring coach, Craig partners with leaders and executives to work on their most important challenges. He integrates the latest findings in the science of leadership, team, and organizational excellence into his coaching and consulting work.

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