Incentives for a Global Workforce

Then employers have a global reach, it’s tough to implement the same benefits for all staff. One of the most difficult programs to align internationally is a recognition plan, because the expression of recognition varies from one culture to another.

If you read nothing else, read this…

  • The recognition awards staff prefer to receive varies from country to country.
  • Any global recognition plan has to take into account cultural and economic differences to be equitable and effective.
  • It is not often the recognition program itself that fails to reflect the employee’s culture, but the way the recognition is delivered.
  • The trend of online recognition platforms has broken down geographical borders.
  • Ultimately, global recognition programs offer an opportunity to reinforce a company’s values across its diverse workforce.

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Jennifer Paterson
Jennifer Paterson
Jennifer Paterson is a freelance business writer who has specialized in employee benefits, rewards, HR issues and trends in the U.K. and Canada for many years.
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