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Daily Archives: January 1, 2016

Grief - Failing to properly acknowledge loss at work holds everyone back

Grief: The Elephant in the Room

See why failing to properly acknowledge loss and grief at work holds everyone back.
A New Spin on Wellness Programs

A New Spin on Workplace Wellness

6 Tips for developing a successful workplace wellness program.
Can Neuroticism be Good

Can Neuroticism be Good?

Neuroticism might not be an attractive trait, but it could be the secret to creative thinking.
My Life with Multiple Sclerosis

My Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Six years ago, I was just like every other millennial struggling to make a name for myself. Then, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Could Standing Desks be Bad for You

Could Standing Desks be Bad for You?

Any stationary posture, be it sitting in a chair or standing at a standing desk, may be detrimental to health.
Sleeping In Could Be Bad for You

Could Sleeping in Be Bad for You?

It turns out sleeping in on the weekend could be bad for your health. (Thanks, science.)
Multiple Sclerosis - The invisible disease

Multiple Sclerosis: The Invisible Disease

Accommodating illnesses like MS requires great courage from the employee and a genuine willingness to assist from the employer.
health benefits of nuts

Health Benefits of Nuts

Here's the health reasons why you should eat nuts to keep you going through those long projects at work.
Man sitting on park bench with dog

Dr. Carl Cederström on Wellness Programs

In this interview, Dr. Carl Cederström discusses why the pressure to optimize our levels of wellness has begun to work against us.
How to Practice Meditation at Work

How to Practice Meditation at Work

If the possibility of clearing your mind in the middle of a busy workday seems impossible, consider these tips.