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All the World’s A Stage

If life is a play, then the workplace is the stage for many dramas. Events such as promotions, shared work, terminations and acts of bullying bring out the worst and best of human nature. Most of us put a great deal of time and energy into our professional position. Our enthusiasm for the role we choose is often based on how well the narrative line in the workplace suits our personality, and how much we like — or don’t like — our fellow actors.

Whatever the stage — be it a hospital, a factory or a law firm — we witness and participate in the acts of our colleagues. The drama may not be on the scale of the sacrifice of Gilmore Junio, who gave up the opportunity to race in the 2014 Olympics so that his teammate could compete, or the egregious, self-righteous greed of Senator Mike Duffy, who had no problem mixing business and pleasure to his advantage. No matter the scale, we are all players on the stage of work.

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Adrienne Crowder
Adrienne Crowder, M.S.W., has worked in the field of workplace health for over 15 years, using her social work training to help individuals and teams work more effectively. She lives and works in Guelph, ON.
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