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7 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Office Party

The holiday office party — it can be an occasion for genuine conviviality, or a disaster. Perhaps understandably, many employees dread the idea of work-mandated fun, and the days of wooing them with swank venues, celebrity guests and open bars are largely over, but that doesn’t mean the death of the office party. Here are seven tips for planning a memorable holiday bash regardless of your budget:

  1. Take a poll: An ice cream party isn’t going to be much fun if half the office is lactose-intolerant. It’s important to find out what people’s preferences are. Let the team choose at least one aspect of the party, such as the entertainment, and try to schedule the event at a time that works for most people. This will make employees feel that their opinions are valued and eliminate snafus that might stop people from having a good time.
  2. Plan an ice breaker: Parties can be tough for introverts, so it’s important to create an inclusive atmosphere. While you don’t want everyone to be on their worst behaviour, you don’t want the atmosphere to be too stuffy either. Competitive group activities are a tried and tested way to get the party started. There are dozens of party game ideas to choose from online, but simple games like Pictionary can be just as fun. It really depends on the number of partygoers (gift exchange games like white elephant get boring in large groups). Ramp up the fun with prizes — often the cheaper and more ridiculous, the better.

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