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Yearly Archives: 2017

Businesspeople collaborating and talking through new ideas in office

Don’t Make the Mistake of Vision-Setting Alone

Why you need to share your vision with your employees, and how to include them

Beat the Holiday Season Productivity Slump

During the holiday season productivity can suffer. Use these three strategies to keep employees engaged despite the distractions of the season.

The End of the Performance Review

If you want a high-performance organization with highly engaged employees, you have to reverse the destructive effects of conventional performance management.
Audience Applaud Clapping Happines Appreciation Training Concept

What Rocks and What Sucks with Employee Recognition

When it comes to employee recognition programs, making your people feel valued is cheaper and easier than you might think.

10 Terrible Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas? Avoid these all-too-common mistakes when recognizing your employees this holiday season.

How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Everyone wants to hire top talent, but there are four main reasons why candidates fail. Learn how to avoid a bad hire with these tips.
Business person Holding Resume

The Need for Name-Blind Hiring

Would you be more likely to hire a Greg Johnson than a Xuiying Zhang? Find out why name-blind hiring is a no-brainer.
Female soldier

Not Up for Grabs: Harassment in the Military

Harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces is proving stubbornly hard to eradicate — but some are fighting for change.
Senior businesswoman is doing paperwork in her stock warehouse

The Rise of the “Seniorpreneur”

Instead of retiring, many older Canadians now choose to embark on a new chapter of their career, start a business and become a seniorpreneur.
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Are You Derailing Valuable Feedback?

Effective conflict management is one of the most important skills we can acquire. The next time you receive feedback, make sure you don’t switch tracks.