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Millennials Didnt Invent Social Media You Did

Millennials Didn’t Invent Social Media. You Did.

The nerve of those millennials: Here they are showing up with their smart phones and tablets expecting to connect to your corporate network from a coffee shop while they Snapchat their friends on your time and shamelessly flaunt the social media policy it took you so long to get approved. Guess what? It’s not the millennials, it’s us. Most millennials were still eating gruel when remote working, LinkedIn and virtual teams became a reality. Millennials didn’t invent social media, mobile devices or work-life balance, and they aren’t the ones charged with taking cost out of the business, improving collaboration or managing talent. They’re just trying to get stuff done with the tools they have, most of which are mobile apps based on social collaboration platforms. Here’s why this is really good news.


Recruiters will tell you they were social before social was a thing, and 94% of them are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more to find talent. In fact, 30% of all Google searches are employment related and 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social network. Specialized services such as Entelo and TalentBin use big data technology to mine social media and root out top people for hard-to-fill roles based on their social media activity and reputation.

With candidates using Glassdoor and tapping into their networks for the low-down on a prospective employer, both sides of the recruiting process have shifted to social platforms. As labour markets tighten, recruiters will be focused on nurturing pools of candidates they can engage with online and tap to fill key roles as they come up.

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Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams is an award-winning brand and communications expert who has a particular interest in the intersection of HR and marketing and works with companies on employer branding, internal communications strategies, change communications and external brand initiatives.
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