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30 Do’s and Don’ts to Save Your Holiday Party!

As we head into the holiday season, there are a few things to keep in mind for the annual holiday work party. Many of the tips for attending holiday parties we’ve heard before: Don’t drink too much, don’t flirt, arrive early, don’t talk business or be a wallflower, thank the person who is hosting the party, and attend other department parties within the company. But what if you are the one in charge of planning this year’s holiday party? What are the latest trends that you should keep in mind…

  1. Do get your invitations out early (four to six weeks before the party) as people’s calendars fill up quickly.
  2. Book your caterer or special foods early, as this is a busy time.
  3. Decorate early, as you will be busy with zillions of small tasks leading up to the party day.
  4. Do decide who is greeting every guest with a friendly, “Happy Holidays”.
  5. If you are concerned about cost, hold the party with another company.
  6. Thank your coworkers and employees at the party. When things are busy, we don’t take time to do this.
  7. Do put food on your plate and spend some time with your staff in conversation that is not related to work so employees connect with you at a more personal level.

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