Why is Everyone So SAD?

The party is over, and employee hangovers might be the least of your concerns following the holiday season. Having time off for the holidays is a well-deserved break for employees, allowing them to spend quality time with their families, have parties and even enjoy a nice vacation somewhere warm. But when January and reality hit, many employees begin feeling the financial and mental costs of the post-holiday season. Bills and debts can pile as high as the picturesque mountains some employees were recently skiing down, and that dream vacation becomes a distant memory.

The mounting pressure that sometimes coincides with the return to daily working life, paying off those debts and reassuming the routine of that pre-holiday time frame can take its toll, often leading to issues of absenteeism, depression, low productivity and financial stress. Employers are becoming smarter and are learning to understand these issues and get in front of them as much as possible before they become an unruly burden — not only on workers but on the company as a whole.

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Mark David
Mark David is a freelance writer based in Toronto.
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