Rising Above the Digital Onslaught with Benefits

It’s no secret that the role of HR is continually broadening as more and more is expected of HR professionals. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done. But if HR is feeling buried under this heavy load, what is the impact on the rest of an organization and how can it support employees?

If you read nothing else, read this:

  • Workplace overload is increasing every day, as the Canadian employee is loaded with more and more responsibility, including an average of 84 emails daily.
  • Add in child care, elder care and health issues, and employees will soon be drowning in all of their responsibilities.
  • Employers have an obligation to protect and support their employees’ psychological well-being, and this can be done through a range of benefits, workplace support and flexible working options.

According to the World Trade Organization, the average Canadian worker receives 84 emails a day, a figure that is expected to reach 200 over the next few years. And that’s just stress from the daily workload. Pile on family responsibilities, either in the form of child care or elder care, and health issues, and the weight on an employee’s psychological well-being becomes even heavier, inevitably leading to stress leave and absenteeism.

Management guru, Dr. Nick Bontis uses the analogy of a computer to explain the current state of psychological overload for Canadian employees. “When you put too many documents on a computer, it crashes; it’s like your brain, your intellectual capital,” he said.

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Jennifer Paterson
Jennifer Paterson
Jennifer Paterson is a freelance business writer who has specialized in covering employee benefits, reward and HR issues and trends in the U.K. and Canada for the past five years.
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