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Five Tips for Recruiting Summer Employees

Every spring, the workforce is flooded with college and university students hoping to make a buck over their summer holidays. But don’t get fooled into thinking the influx of students looking for summer employment means you will have a smorgasbord of cheap, plentiful labour from which to choose.

Today’s students aren’t necessarily interested in mundane, repetitive jobs with a huge learning curve and little pay, says Linda Galipeau, managing director of operations for employment firm Randstad Canada. In fact, today’s students, she says, “think that employment should be a little more win-win than that.”

Finding the right student with the right skills, even amid the many looking for summer employment, might prove to be more difficult than you think. Here are five tips to help you with summer recruiting:


“Starting early is absolutely the thing to do,” says Laura Boyd, an HR Representative with the City of Burlington. “There are a lot of people looking.”

Galipeau agrees. “When you start [searching for a candidate] early, think of who you’re getting. You’re getting a pretty serious student.”

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