Today business literature includes ads for wearables that prompt you to get up if you’ve been sitting for too long. National programs abound to increase awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace, and even IKEA’s standing desk has been a topic for business bloggers. In addition to the increased visibility wellness has in general, the technology readily available today means individuals have access to measurements and resources they didn’t before.

They have insight into how much activity they truly get in a day, and how many steps a day equal weight-loss versus weight maintenance. People are certainly informed, but are habits really being changed for long-term impact? Are companies committed or just responding to the latest fad? To truly know if your wellness efforts are going to stick, and if they are going to impart lasting change and health benefits, you should ask yourself why you are doing them in the first place.

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Kim Macey
Kim Macey, CHRP
Working from the Vancouver, B.C. office, COO, Kim Macey, is responsible for national operations, HR, and is an active member of the Executive Team. She assists in ensuring the BBD vision is realized through corporate values and practices. She believes an engaged, positive, well-integrated team that works hard and has fun can accomplish anything and is the key that drives an organization.