Admit You Make Mistakes

Every once in a while, I feel the need to confess that I make mistakes. In fact, I make numerous mistakes. I would tell you about them, but I’m afraid that if turn on my spigot of mistakes I won’t be able to shut it off. As an alternative, let me talk about other people’s mistakes. I, like many out there, am pretty good at pointing my finger toward others. So that I don’t have anyone stalking me after the printing of this article, I’ll begin with a mistake made by dead people. Here’s one that might work: the world is flat. That’s a doozy!

How did the first people who pondered this issue arrive at that conclusion? Which Bizarro Galileo came up with this one, and why did so many go along? Well, in short, Bizarro Galileo and his merry band of followers just looked. One way of knowing is through observation, and long ago when our ancestors looked across the horizon what they saw was pretty darn flat. It was hard to argue with this conclusion. You might say it was self-evident.

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Steve Robbins
Steve L. Robbins, PhD