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Young adults.

Changing Generations: The Evolution of Education

Teaching and training Gen Z has to be more about the ways in which they learn to get the best results
Group of happy young people.

What I Think: The New Work Context

Retooling, reskilling, reshaping, reorganizing — all words used in reference to the “future workplace.” In reality, however, the future of work is...
Dr. Stacey Fitzsimmons

Conversations: Diverse Equality

Improving workplace diversity can lead to better problem-solving and reduce barriers for immigrant employees Diversity is a topic that...
The word "Bon Voyage" and a Boeing 737 superimposed over top.

Bon Voyage

Ensure your employees know the protocols and pitfalls of business travel because face-to-face still works for your bottom line
Money sack with the letters "HR" on it.

The Hidden Savings HR Provides

How much does employee turnover cost? Though the estimates vary depending on seniority, experience and specialization, the rough estimate is anywhere from...
Coins and question marks.

Is HR a Service or Profit Centre?

HR is often viewed as a service helping the business but not necessarily helping the bottom line Sometimes HR...
Marijuana plant leaves.

Cannabis Culture: A Mini Case Study

As one of Canada’s newest industries, the cannabis sector is being built from basically nothing, so it has a very unique culture,...
Circle of employees.

Does Your Company Culture Connect?

All companies have a culture. But have you cultivated it into what you want, and is it connecting with prospective employees?
"I Love Mondays" graphic.

Creating a “Yay, it’s Monday!” Mindset

Happiness sounds simple but takes work. By keeping a focus on these three techniques, employees can expect sunnier days ahead
Brad Duce, Ivana Zanardo, Janice Holman, Derek Dobson

Your Workplace Roundtable: Retirement Readiness

$756,000 is what your employees need to retire. How should employers help? Statistics can tell a lot of stories....