Creating a “Yay, it’s Monday!” Mindset

Happiness sounds simple but takes work. By keeping a focus on these three techniques, employees can expect sunnier days ahead

We’ve all seen the memes on our social media accounts with the guy who is being hit in the face by a Monday — faceplants, trips, sleepy faces and grumpy-looking cats with quotes like “Of course it’s Monday … Does this look like my Friday face?” The funny thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. A “Yay it’s Monday” culture is conceptually possible. Let me give you some highlights of my research on the subject to get your organization moving more in a happy direction any day of the week, even Mondays. 

Happiness at work is complex. It’s a feeling that we all share at work, and it’s a mix of three separate measures. Those are the measures of satisfaction, engagement and morale.

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Adam Stoehr
Adam Stoehr, PhD
Adam Stoehr is the Vice President of Research at Excellence Canada and acts as one of their primary facilitators and speakers.
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