Healing from Trauma: The Importance of Role Models

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Mentoring and finding a mentor is part of the journey, at work and elsewhere, to help alleviate stress On the heels of his story in our March/April issue, we have asked Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon to break down some of the critical elements he shared about healing from trauma and how to leverage that experience to […]

Healing from Trauma

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On the other side of pain, there is resilience, purpose and gratitude Your Workplace strives to provide insight, thought leadership and common-sense analysis to the problems and challenges facing today’s HR professional. The following piece is a bit of a departure for the publication. It is a first-person account of a deeply personal topic that, […]

Rebranding Employee Experience

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The employee experience can be used by HR to better integrate processes, improve how employees respond to work and boost the bottom line Talent underlies how organizations operate. Over the last 40 years, there have been thousands of ways to define and improve how people respond to work: what I loosely call employee sentiment. The […]