Why Staycation When You’re Already Home?

A woman wearing sunglasses positioned against a car with its trunk open showing vacation items. By Sunny-studio / shutterstock.com

With a lockdown, the entire day might feel like a break. But here’s why you still need structured time off Working from home, every day should feel like a holiday — right? You don’t have to wear make-up or change out of your pajamas. You can stay up late because your only commute is from the bedroom […]

Why Teams Matter Even More

Group of employees standing together wearing masks. By Fractal Pictures / Shutterstock.com

The quality of teamwork matters more now than ever Pandemic or not, the teams that make up your workforce are integral to the success of your company’s growth. They still meet, albeit virtually, and produce the work, reports and results you would expect at any point in time. If anything, they are even more important […]