The Effect of Poor Financial Well-Being

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While many factors can affect employees’ stress levels and work performance, financial well-being is often the culprit.  The biennial 2017/18 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey revealed a large increase in the number of employees who say their financial woes are negatively affecting their lives and who are worried about their future financial situation. The consulting firm […]

Relationship Between Stress and Performance

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Even before COVID, the impact of stress on performance and results was affecting the workplace The relationship between stress and performance at work is often a reciprocal one. On one hand, employees who bring their personal stress to work generally have performance issues; in turn, the workplace can cause stress, which will then affect employees […]

The Double-Edged Sword

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Most people see pressure as something negative, but it can be used for good. Dane Jensen shows us how in this informative article.

This is Only Half the Story

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It’s true. What you are about to read is not the full picture. But why admit that from the get-go? Why inform you, the reader, that what you are about to read is incomplete?


Celebratus! A call to celebrate!

A call to celebrate, which is key to becoming a truly inclusive workplace There are so many great reasons to break bread in celebration with the folks around you. However, in fear of forgetting an important date or getting the celebration wrong, many dread slipping on a culturally insensitive banana peel. So, here’s a suggestion: […]