What Goes Around

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Employee engagement is a two-way street for employers and employees My father spent his career working in a lab at a large multi-national corporation. His job was to design and build new products for market. The company would send him ideas and he would turn those ideas into reality. As a tech guy, it was […]

Taking a Stand and Sharing Responsibility

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Canadians are looking for more from corporate leaders Canadians, compared to citizens of other countries, are more engaged and appear to have more of a conscience when it comes to expectations of their government and corporate leaders. Some of us learn this anecdotally, when we travel around the world and profess our love for our […]

Workplace Culture is the Key to Increasing Engagement

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Making culture a key driver, rather than an afterthought, will ensure greater engagement If we want to propel our organizations forward — if we want to get the right amount of work done, in the right way, with the right amount of care — we must have high levels of employee engagement. Most leaders within organizations understand the importance […]

Boosting Performance During Disruptions

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As a former player, coach and now an author of leadership books, Ryan Walter distills hockey greatness into wisdom that applies to us all. If you’re feeling the pressure of external influences, if you think your business might be about to go into sudden-death overtime, consider these insights to help you stay in the zone […]

Power Play

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How to give your team the advantage — every single shift Whether gathered around the dressing room before a big game or in the (now-virtual) meeting room, even the most talented teams need a plan if they are going to succeed. But when you’re worried your organization might be underperforming, it’s not always clear what to focus […]

Fighting the Good Fight

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Canadian companies are on the COVID ropes but ready for the next round If you’ve ever seen a blockbuster boxing movie, you might have noticed a similar plot line runs through them all. After a devastating initial loss, the protagonist retreats into a rigorous training program. Once completed, the boxer re-emerges stronger, braver and tougher […]

Conversations: Prof. Michal Biron

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The Power of “Skunk Works”: Flexibility, innovation and rapid response We have all experienced the change that our current world has undergone. On a business-to-business level, volatility is common with industries changing and shifting overnight in response to technological innovations and developing economic demands. The world of human resources is not immune to this instability. […]