Are You Meeting Your Meeting Room Requirements?

Just like at home, comfortable and correctly designed environment at work can change moods and productivity. Consider these options when designing your next meeting space

Meeting spaces are often poorly designed, underutilized and sometimes even a burden rather than an asset to workers and employers. Despite the problems associated with them, meeting spaces are always in demand, and getting it right the first time saves money, and ensures a high level of user experience. For the benefit of a productive and efficient workforce, companies should prioritize their needs when determining which spaces are best suited for their organizations.

A meeting space is defined as a place for two or more people to meet, where they can discuss, present or collaborate. The idea of the meeting room has evolved from the archetypical stuffy and enclosed room to coffee shops, hotel lobbies, one-on-one rooms and break-out spaces. Meeting spaces have the power to seal a deal, hire or fire an employee, and even create serendipitous interactions. But how best to harness their effectiveness in the workplace environment?

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Noam Hazan

Written By

Noam Hazan is an architect, designer and creative director at SDI Interior Design in Toronto.


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