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A brilliant sunrise. By Rushvol /

No Action Plan Required

Stumped, flummoxed, puzzled, confused — all relevant and relatable words in my current state. Except I had no idea why I was feeling this way. Usually I know when and why I...

Youth showing the "loser" sign.

The Young Ones

The older generation always has something to say about the generations that come after it. Surprisingly, this is not just a modern-day development.  4th Century BC “ are high-minded because...

African man doing a "Talk to the hand!" pose

Virtual Meetings Are So 2020

A new study by global staffing firm Robert Half shows video calls may be wearing on workers. Almost three-quarters of professionals surveyed (72%) said they participate in virtual meetings. Those...

Six portraits of people of different colour. By Mangostar /

How Pensions Can Affect Change

A new declaration of pension plans aims to integrate diversity and inclusion into their investment process Measures to increase the knowledge, and practice, of diversity and inclusion do not only...

A Black woman and a black baby sitting on her lap. By Mongkolchon Akesin /

What is a She-cession?

The economic struggles the pandemic is causing are affecting women more than men Earlier this fall, the Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne outlined new programs and wage subsidy assistance...

Woman working at a laptop computer.

Has HR Run its Course?

Knowing that workplaces are not as crowded as they once were, will HR still be relevant? It’s no secret the workplace of 2021 will look a lot different than our...

young blonde beautiful sportswoman training on athletic stadium

Flex Plans

The future looks more flexible, with HR and benefits policies focused on employee mental health, virtual health care and financial well-being Employee benefits in 2021 will likely look significantly different...

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