No Action Plan Required

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Stumped, flummoxed, puzzled, confused — all relevant and relatable words in my current state. Except I had no idea why I was feeling this way. Usually I know when and why I am out of sorts; this time, the cause was not clear, at least not right away. It was in a meeting (Zoom, of course) when […]

Generational Management: Fact or Fiction?

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Relying solely on generational divides to determine what employees really need may provide employers with false information  Some HR experts indicate there are now up to five generations working side by side in the workplace. And, if headlines are any indication, employers are concerned about how to address these generations’ varying needs. Consider this January […]

The Young Ones

Youth showing the "loser" sign.

The older generation always has something to say about the generations that come after it. Surprisingly, this is not just a modern-day development.  4th Century BC

Working from All Four Corners

Man working at a laptop computer.

One result of the recent pandemic has been more employees (if their jobs allow it) working remotely. While this may not be ideal, or desired, for employer or employee, it does have one benefit for the talent acquisition team: it provides a larger talent pool from which to draw.  “This whole idea of working from […]

The Importance of Empathy in the Workplace

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It’s definitely a trend — and more employers need to get on board to let their employees know they matter The number of surveys and trend reports that come out at this time of year are more than abundant. It seems everyone is taking stock of the year that was and doing their best to […]

How Pensions Can Affect Change

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A new declaration of pension plans aims to integrate diversity and inclusion into their investment process Measures to increase the knowledge, and practice, of diversity and inclusion do not only happen at the HR, management or shop floor level. Large institutional investors, given the size of their portfolios and influence, can have enormous impacts on […]

Workplace 2021: Strategies to Stay Afloat When Times are Tough

Preparing for the unexpected in uncertain times The world has been put in a Great Lockdown as countries have implemented the necessary quarantines and social distancing practices to contain the pandemic. The magnitude and speed of collapse in activity that followed is unlike anything experienced in our lifetimes. The swift and massive shock of the […]

What is a She-cession?

A Black woman and a black baby sitting on her lap. By Mongkolchon Akesin /

The economic struggles the pandemic is causing are affecting women more than men Earlier this fall, the Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne outlined new programs and wage subsidy assistance in light of how deeply the COVID crisis is affecting the economy (and will likely do so for some time). The following was read by […]

Flex Plans

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The future looks more flexible, with HR and benefits policies focused on employee mental health, virtual health care and financial well-being Employee benefits in 2021 will likely look significantly different than in 2020 or even 2019. The crisis marked a turning point, which is expected to propel employers, as well as the human resources and […]

3 Scientific Principles to Drive Diversity

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How e-learning helps create more inclusion When COVID-19 led to remote work for many organizations, it exacerbated diversity and inclusion (D&I) concerns. Countless employees found themselves working from home for the first time ever. Leaders assumed employees entered this virtual world on an equal playing field, but for some this change to remote work was […]