Worrisome News On The Pension Front

Man putting money into a savings jar.

Conspiracy theorists must wonder whether there is a link between the movement to eliminate mandatory retirement in those provinces that still permit it and the worrisome news that many company pension plans are in serious financial difficulty. Letting a worker decide whether to retire at 65 rather than being forced to by a blanket company […]

Grand Gaspé


Gaspésiens all know about “la Madeleine”, a six-kilometre hill outside the little village of Rivière-Madeleine. And when you say, “Yes, I’ve climbed la Madeleine,” they compliment you on your physical fitness and eye you as if you are a deranged masochist. La Madeleine is the first in a series of dizzying rises and descents between […]

Take A Break

2002 Ontario Tourism.

In twenty-five years, Ontario has gone from being nowhere in the wine world to a mini-Napa North. The province now has over 70 wineries, the majority of which are in the Niagara Peninsula. Almost all offer at least a tasting room that includes reserve wine available for sale only at the cellar door. There’s much […]

Quarantined From A Paycheque

Woman in protective gear.

The SARS Emergency Takes Its Toll On Businesses and Workers Now that the World Health Organization has lifted its travel ban on Toronto, the city, and indeed the entire country, is slowly awakening to a new perspective on SARS. Certainly no one is denying that approximately two dozen Torontonians died of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. […]

Fusion Of His Life’s Experiences Led To A Happy Career Change

Chattering teeth toy.

Paul Huschilt is a role model for anyone who dreams of changing career paths and an inspiration for victims of the modern era of corporate downsizing. The 39-year-old Torontonian spent 10 years as a stolid systems administrator for an insurance company before transforming himself into a sought-after motivational speaker. What makes Huschilt different from most […]

Worker-Friendly Laws Set National Standard

Happy person.

Quebec’s reform of its Labour Standards Act — the first in two decades — makes the province one of the most worker-friendly in Canada. Workers traditionally exempt from the provisions of the law, including farm workers and private domestics and caregivers, are now covered. Highlights of the changes, most of which take effect in May:

Quebec Law Targets Workplace Bullies

Bossy man.

Reformed employment standards prohibit ‘vexatious behaviour’ Quebec employers will have one year to prepare for a groundbreaking employment-law reform that sets its sights on exposing and penalizing workplace bullies. In June 2004, workers may file complaints with the province’s Labour Standards Commission alleging “psychological harassment” at work. The legislation defines such harassment as “any vexatious […]

Canadians Badly Stressed From Work/Life Balancing Act

Talking about life balance.

Canadian workers at all levels are struggling with conflicting demands on their time and are increasingly incapable of finding a comfortable balance between their work and personal lives, the latest instalment from a massive new national study shows. The work/life results from the study commissioned by Health Canada reveals a changed work force that is […]

Case Study: Peter

Salesman shaking hands with a customer.

Peter was hired from outside as the regional sales manager for a plumbing-supply firm. His employer told him to do whatever it takes to ensure that his commissioned sales team meets or exceeds its monthly sales targets. Peter wants to shake things up with a new approach: Every month, the rep whose sales are lowest […]

Case Study: Richard’s and His Complaining Co-Worker

Frustrated man.

Richard works in a medium-sized engineering firm and has just about lost his patience with a constantly complaining co-worker. This fellow thrives on complaining to everyone other than the person who can address what he’s complaining about. While Richard has tried on numerous occasions to redirect his complaints, his co-worker is continually complaining to all […]