Backstage Pass: Darren Steeves

January 8, 2019

Lightning Talk Session: Cultivating Resilience

Most of us require challenging goals and some degree of pressure to fulfil our potential — stress can be good for us. Too little of it and we experience decreased attention and interest. Too much negatively impacts our health and productivity. Resilience keeps our stress at a level that allows for optimal performance. Research shows that while some people come by resilience naturally, it can be learned by most anyone. During this session you will learn the three big links to resilience: sleep, physical activity, and your “gut” health, as well as how to include mindfulness in your workday and build optimism.

Darren Steeves, CEO, Vendura Wellness

A professional Exercise Physiologist, who has worked in the health and performance field for nearly 25 years, Darren is passionate about improving the total health of Canadians. He is a wellness consultant in Halifax since 2001. He has consulted with top level executives and world champion athletes and attended the Rio Olympics as a sport scientist with Team Canada. He has a weekly column in the Chronicle Herald and authored the recent book Are You Ready? Stop Wishing It Was Friday. Darren has conducted research in sport science, mindful hydration and resilience. Visit or

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