Cannabis in the Workplace – Calgary

cannabis in the workplace
September 13, 2018

Join this event to learn how to address recreational cannabis legalization as it relates to the workplace. Leave feeling confident and ready for change.

September 13, 2018 AT 10:00am

Commun-o Compound, 1025 10 St SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 3E1
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Wondering how recreational cannabis in the workplace will affect you?

Easy access to cannabis and its use is sensitive, complex and highly polarized with issues and implications for productivity at work. With the pending legalization of recreational cannabis, employers are asking questions about how to respond to this new landscape. Policy is the foundation of a drug-safe workplace and, unfortunately, missteps are easy to make and often costly.

This intensive 3-hour workshop will help employers understand the coming change and its implication with content covering:

  • The key organizational questions that need to be answered
  • The essential components of a legally sound policy
  • If differences between cannabis and alcohol should be accounted for in policy, practice and culture
  • When to update your policy and when to replace it
  • How should cannabis be included in your benefits plan

This workshop is more than just policy; it’s about people, evolving viewpoints and workplace culture.

Fast track your organization through this challenging process and leave feeling clear, confident and ready for change. Participants will walk away with a draft policy statement to help them move through this new landscape.

Agenda Overview

Session A – Cannabis: Its’ Uses and Addiction Issues

Cannabis is a viable medical treatment for numerous health conditions. It has gained popularity as more Canadians are turning to alternative treatments instead of pharmaceuticals. While cannabis is not physically addictive compared to opioids, nicotine and alcohol, people may use cannabis to deal with stress and escape reality. However, as per pop culture, cannabis has developed notoriety for causing symptoms such as paranoia, anxiety and short term memory loss. The lack of education on the proper use of cannabis is increasingly apparent as Canada shifts into a new era of cannabis legalization. How does cannabis legalization affect workplaces? How does cannabis work on the body? Does it cause impairment? How do employers improve workplace standards and employee well-being with legalized cannabis?

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Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed is a practicing clinical Anesthesiologist in Alberta and Ontario with specialist training in Interventional Chronic Pain Management and Cannabinoid Medicine. A budding entrepreneur, Dr. Ahmed developed the medical brand The Health Boutique™ in 2014 to pursue her passion of providing preventative, holistic and compassionate post-operative chronic pain management, anti-aging options and lifestyle solutions to her community. 

 Her passion to educate and share knowledge has established Dr. Ahmed as a specialized expert in prescribing medical cannabis for chronic pain and associated diseases. She is an established CME medical educator for physicians and allied health professionals regarding medical cannabis use in Canada and shares her insight on the changes occurring in cannabis legalization and its effect on public health, the cannabis industry and physician practices.

She is a champion for self-care, preventative health management and a holistic approach to living your best life. Please visit her website and share your story, so that she can transform your well-being with skill and compassion towards a more vibrant, recharged and happy you.

Session B – Managing Cannabis in the Workplace

Legalized recreational marijuana stands to impact today’s workplaces in unprecedented ways. Employers must navigate the changes to legislation, and individuals’ rights in a non-discriminatory, fair way. What happens if employees’ recreational use off-duty affects workplace performance? As prescriptions for medical cannabis continue to increase and the stigma around its use is real, how can employers meet the changing needs of employees with their benefits plans? It all begins with a clear and simple policy.


Jason Fleming is the director of human resources for MedReleaf Corp, a licensed producer in Canada. Jason will help professionals navigate the changes to legislation and individuals’ rights in a non-discriminatory, fair way starting with a clear and simple policy statement. He will also share information on what benefits providers have been doing to cover medical cannabis.

Session C – Suspicion and Testing

With the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada just around the corner, it’s important to understand how alcohol and drug testing will play a role in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. Education on testing methods, when to apply them and the advantages and limitations of each, plus a discussion on reasonable suspicion, will provide employers with a foundation for implementing a solid drug and alcohol policy.

Erin Baird head shot


Erin Baird is from SureHire Occupational Testing, a full spectrum occupational testing company operating across Canada with expansion into the U.S.

Session D – Ensuring a Safe, Productive and Thriving work culture

The reality of talking legislation, policy and enforcement can gravely impact a workplace built on trust, collaboration and teamwork. How do we balance the need for rules with the goal of a thriving work culture? This employer discussion will answer difficult questions, share the mistakes made and how to avoid them, the questions they fear being asked and their secrets of a thriving work culture in changing times.

Vera Asanin, Editor-in-Chief, Your Workplace will be speaking with Chris Kneeland, CEO, the Cult Collective

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