Innovation at the workplace level could raise global GDP: Report

Equality equals innovation and growth. These are the findings from a new Accenture research study (Getting to Equal 2019) that shows employees’ innovation mindset—their...

The Age of Algorithms

Discover what the future holds for business leaders when it comes to algorithms, automation and artificial intelligence in the recruitment process.

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As a new voice (pun intended) in the Your Workplace family, I struggled with the topic I wanted to present in this column and...

Not All Workplaces are Created Equally

Consider this. You’re at work, seemingly just doing your job. You’re tasked with looking into a matter that you know would negatively...

Prepare for Data Breaches

Expect increased concern over data protection to be a workplace trend in coming years.

Cyber Security Risks for Workplaces Rising: Report

Consulting, benefits and retirement firm Aon says technology, while increasing business opportunities, is also creating increased cyber risk for workplaces. In its new 2019...

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