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Never Eat Lunch Alone

We all need a break, especially at work. Eating with colleagues create a rich environment that helps with productivity and stress

The Value of the HR Designation

An HR certification can open doors and advance your career, according to a Your Workplace survey. But is it a must-have?

Be Yourself

Your online self is different from your real self — and this worries you. Shouldn’t you take a second look at your behaviour?

Stop the Clock

The saying “time is precious” may have never been truer than it is now. Most people face numerous demands on their time,...

Too much stress?

Studies show that one in three people in Canada are living with job-related stress, with an estimated $1.7 billion of work time...

A New Take on Absenteeism

Managing absence is a time-consuming task. Recording data, managing people, reassigning responsibilities and workload. An astounding 77% of employees miss more than...

Workplace Burnout

Earlier this year, an outreach worker who we’ll call Sandra, noticed that her attitude to work had changed: “I wasn’t able to...

Canadians Still Reluctant to Admit Mental Health Issues

While more Canadians are recognizing depression (53%) and anxiety (41%) as disabilities compared to last year (47% and 36%), a stigma around...

Destressing Workplace Stress

Your Workplace was pleased to sit down and talk with Dr. Jamie Gruman, expert on work-life balance and recharging our batteries....

How to Care for Yourself When it’s Your Job to Care for Others

I was almost done in by a job I held in healthcare. Literally. The scene in my comic novel, Dream Job: Wacky Adventures of...