A call to celebrate, which is key to becoming a truly inclusive workplace

There are so many great reasons to break bread in celebration with the folks around you. However, in fear of forgetting an important date or getting the celebration wrong, many dread slipping on a culturally insensitive banana peel. So, here’s a suggestion: By replicating the merriment of the word “Festivus” (popularized by the Seinfeld show), call every celebration at your workplace Celebratus. Without any ties to any faith, race, culture, or secular event, it becomes a call to celebrate.

Whether it’s for a personal cultural tradition or in honour of an event freshly brought to light by a colleague, there are many joyful moments to be shared. There are also many secular options that can bring joy to your team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions for understanding and clarity and to educate any naysayers. Honouring international days and global cultural traditions is a key attribute to becoming a truly inclusive work environment.

The list below is a start to get you going. (We have excluded Independence days, as there are many.) Dust off the old Jell-O mould and put on your ugly sweater for these events and more.


International days: foster awareness and achievements of humanity on global issues of concern
Cultural celebrations: characteristics of a group of people, including language, religion, social habits and the arts
Secular celebrations: attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis

November 2020

November 2020 Celebratus. Art by Irina Fischer (flowers), Ocskay Mark (spray bottle), attached (diwali candles), Reamolko (gemstones), Oxima (mosquitoes), Antonov Maxim (turkey) all of Shutterstock.com

December 2020

December 2020 Celebratus. Art by Ollie The Designer (North Pole, Spheres), yavi (baby monk), StockSmartStart (dradles), WinWin artlab (illustrated people holding hands), Kavoon (mini-calendar), CDGROUPS (traditional colored candles) all of Shutterstock.com.

Celebratus: THE festival for the Rest of Us!

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