Conquering the Procrastination trap

We all procrastinate. It’s natural. We choose to put things off because we simply don’t want to do them or have lost interest in whatever it is that awaits us. Procrastination is not, however, a hopeless state. There are solutions. Finding the perfect solution for you begins with an understanding of the underlying cause of your procrastination the why, how and what that lingers behind your decisions and actions.


Fear appears in many forms, including fear of success, failure, rejection, or loss of autonomy. Fear of success is rooted in the fear of becoming a workaholic. A fear that if you start working to your full capacity, the success you experience will become addictive. This addiction will limit your relationships and your overall enjoyment of life. In contrast, fear of failure stems from a belief that you will not succeed with a task or that the outcome of your efforts will be less than perfect.

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