Creating the work you love with Dr. Rick Jarow

What’s the best way to evaluate your career direction? Networking with other professionals and hiring career mentors in your field is a good start to providing you with the resources you need to reach your goals – which may include finding a new job, enhancing your skill set or creating a better work-life balance. For a select few back on April 17, it included an insightful workshop held at the inviting Little Cataraqui Conservation Area, with world-renowned anti-careerist Dr. Rick Jarow.

The Anti-Career Expert

One might wonder how the creator of The Anti-Career Workshop, Book, and Tape Series can lead you in the right direction for enhancing your career. But once you hear his deep, soothing voice lead you in a thought-provoking meditation, you wonder how you’ve gone this far without his help.

Rick Jarow, Ph.D., is the Visiting Professor of History of Religion at Vassar College and former Mellon Fellow in the Humanities at Columbia University, and a practicing alternative career counsellor. The author of “Creating the Work You Love — Courage, Commitment, and Career”, and “In Search of the Sacred” (as well as numerous articles and audiotapes), he travels worldwide presenting seminars on career and soul in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe.

In this richly reflective workshop, Jarow explored the concept of honouring our life’s calling instead of settling for just any job. We were taken through the step-by-step process of building a self-sustaining career that resonates with our deepest levels of integrity, passion and purpose. Drawing from his background in religious studies, small business, and years of mentoring and erudition from shamans and healers across the globe, Jarow worked with us in transforming our intuitions into actual paths to follow, and in helping us find the motivation and discipline necessary to develop our true vocation.

Jarow introduced workshop participants — some of us for the first time — to meditation which applies internal exercises (based on the Chakra system) to issues that are central to successfully establishing our work in the world.

Participants learned about the first three chakras, Energy, Feeling, and Will. Touching only briefly on the last four, Heart, Vision, Guidance, and Union, Jarow focused on the first three as he feels once you have the first three main chakras in line, the rest will come easier and more naturally.

A firm believer in “Trust in what you love, continue to do it and it will take you where you need to go”, Jarow led us in a variety of imagery meditation exercises. Imagery meditation attempts to draw from our subconscious visions that can be defined by the four driving energies — Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. He believes everyone has a dominant energy, a complimentary energy, and an unconscious energy.

As for deciphering what your dominant energy is, Jarow made it very easy: “Whatever you do easily, naturally, and effortlessly, is your strength.” He explains that while it may come naturally, and you may be drawn to participate in activities surrounding it, it will be still be a personal challenge, because you take pride in it. Simply, it enthuses instead of exhausts.

In addition to determining our dominant energies, participants at the workshop were introduced to a radical, holistic approach to ‘Our Life’s Work’, and ways to potentially uncover the “embodied” vocation encoded in our energy centres. We also learned effective methods for focusing and goal-setting; techniques for assessing risk in building a business or personal practices; and ways to develop a career that reflects our heart’s desire.

Participants learned that it isn’t always necessary to panic to find work right away. As Jarow stated: “When one door closes, another door opens. There just might be a long hallway in between, but you will find the right door if you practice patience.”

This thought-provoking man left workshop participants with a simple concept: In order to W.I.N. in life, you need to decide What’s Important Now. To do that, create a six-month plan listing the important goals that you want to accomplish. If it’s too difficult to narrow this list down, work backwards. Decide What’s Not Important Now, by eliminating old stuff, even if it’s as simple as purging your closet to obtain a fresh start.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to experience this workshop in person, and missed the chance to learn all about meditation and focusing your life’s energy into work you love, follow these steps carefully: Sit down, take a deep breath, put your feet flat on the floor and ground yourself, clear your mind of any negative thoughts, now open your eyes and log onto the Internet and visit Rick Jarow online:

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