Desktop Nightmares

On July 15, 1993 Walter S. Mossberg, the author and creator of the weekly “Personal Technology” column in The Wall Street Journal, was quoted as saying: “The promise of the ‘paperless office,’ where documents are entirely created, distributed, read and stored on computers, has been about as reliable as the promise of a check in the mail.”

Now, decades later, that statement is as true as it was then and possibly even more so. Many still have the mind-set that everything on their computer must be printed out, never of course to be seen again. You will always have paperwork, in some form or another. It’s a fact, a part of life that will not go away. The truth is you will continue to have piles and junk cluttering your desk unless you take control of the situation and learn how to handle everything that lands on your desk.

Take a second and look at your desk, your countertop, or whatever you call your workspace. How much of your area can you actually see and use? Do you even know what’s in those piles? Does it look like something might be starting to “grow” from all the yesteryears of lunches, snacks, and dinners you’ve had there? Do you have gadgets and doodads, personal items and pictures scattered about on your desk? When was the last time you saw your whole desk and it saw a can of polish?

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