How Diverse Are We?

Diversity and inclusion is not only good for humanity but also good for business. A recent report from the Centre for International Governance, entitled Diversity Dividend: Canada’s Global Advantage, states that a 1% increase in cultural diversity was associated with a 2.4% increase in revenue and a 0.5% increase in workplace activity. And yet despite cold hard facts that diversity adds to the bottom line, Canadian companies often still lack the movement in that direction, especially at the board level.

Your Workplace editor and deputy publisher Joel Kranc brought together experts in the field of diversity and inclusion to discuss the latest challenges for workplaces. The following is a video of that event.

The Panel

Joel Kranc


Editor and Deputy Publisher, Moderator
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Director, Diversity Institute and Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University
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Partner and Head of Leaders International’s Diversity & Inclusion Board Practice
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Director, Diversity and Inclusion (HR) with Vancity

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