Flexibility Strategy Key to Workplace Employee Accommodations: Survey

With millions of Canadians at home, trying to balance the competing demands of work and family with varying levels of support is top of mind. Not surprisingly, 86% of organizations have employees who are trying to balance family responsibilities and work.

In an ongoing survey series, The Conference Board of Canada asked organizations across Canada if and how they’re accommodating employees with family responsibilities. 

Family responsibilities were defined as caring for children, elderly parents, disabled family members, sick family members, or other dependent family members of any age. It’s hard to predict how things will change in the coming weeks and months—and how it will affect employees’ efforts to manage the pressures of both family and work. Looking at long-term solutions, most organizations have started to adjust. 

Some findings:

  • Examples of accommodations employers are providing include flex time (83%), reduced hours (55%) and compressed work weeks (34%).
  • For employees who remain employed but can’t work full hours due to family responsibilities, 50% of organizations surveyed continue to offer regular pay and 16% say they will offer regular pay for a period, then paid leave
  • Three out of four organizations are thinking ahead and are either developing or considering developing a long-term plan for employees struggling to balance work demands and family responsibilities.

Survey responses were collected on Monday, April 6, 2020. These findings are part of a Conference Board of Canada series on work and pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first part of the series looked at remote work and compensation, and the second part examined pay premiums to essential and front-line workers.

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