Gen-X May Be Your Toughest Audience: Survey

Generation X (people in the age range of 34 to 55), who are set to replace retiring baby boomers, are not feeling their best these days. A new workplace survey from office supplies company Hamster, says that group are among those who are dissatisfied with their work (19%) and is also the least motivated segment (21% being not very motivated and not motivated at all). This difference could be explained by the fact that workers aged 35 to 54 are generally experiencing a particularly busy period in their lives, including often both parental responsibilities and care for their own parents as they age.

“All sectors in Canada are facing significant challenges in talent acquisition and retention. Employees are the most important resource for a company, and we believe it is essential to fully understand their aspirations and needs to better meet them in order to have a competitive advantage,” notes Denis Mathieu, president and CEO of Novexco—operators of Hamster.

Overall, however, more than four out of five (83%) Canadian workers are satisfied with their work. Most are also very engaged (90%) and motivated (81%) by their job. Three in four (75%) report that their work is fulfilling because they achieve personal goals.

Of the other generations at work, Baby Boomers are more satisfied with their work (89%) than younger workers are the most committed to their job (95%) and the most motivated (89%). Millennials, even when they are satisfied with work, 58% say they want to change jobs over the next two years. Also, they are more likely than any other age group to consider becoming self-employed (63%).

For Canadian employers, it is important to identify what motivates workers the most to ensure happiness at work. According to the study, the most important sources of motivation are achievement (45%), as well as building interpersonal relations (22%).

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