Henry Ford’s Management Tips

The assembly line was just one aspect of Ford’s management methodology. Each and every square foot of the buildings, every machine, every operation, every part, and every task were analysed in detail and improvements sought. He had figured out in detail what skills were required for the 7,882 JOBS in his factory: 3,595 jobs required no physical exertion; 670 jobs could be filled by legless men; 2,637 by one-legged men; two by armless men; 715 by one-armed men; and ten by blind men.

While the name Henry Ford generally conjures up images of Model Ts and assembly lines, there was much more to the man and the methods by which he amassed his vast empire — worth an estimated $188 billion dollars today. Can the management strategies of 1925 apply to today’s complex world? In this instance, the case of Henry Ford suggests that strategies of history’s successful leaders, no matter how different the times, have relevance today.

Ford’s Management Tips:

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