Journaling in the Workplace

Whether it’s to help you focus, cope with stress, plan and set goals, have a real catharsis, or keep everything together in one place, writing in a journal, as Oprah Winfrey says, “will change your life in ways you’ve never imagined.” How can journaling in the workplace help you? Any kind of reflection, when practised through journaling, has positive outcomes, like improvements in learning, job performance, feelings of empowerment and more fulfillment in general. When writing things down, we gain clarity, inspiration, focus, wisdom, joy, creativity and inspiration—all elements that improve our lives both personally and professionally.

Julia Cameron, in her book, The Artist’s Way, suggests a technique called the Morning Pages. Every morning you write three pages in a journal on whatever comes to mind. Initially, this is a way to release your stress, worries and anxieties and to hold your “to do” list all in one place. By clearing your concerns it frees you to write about what really excites, delights and inspires you. Once you have released all the worries and negative chatter, there is room to record your exciting ideas and inspirations. This can become a place to record your goals, plans and dreams.

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