Leadership And All the S#!T That Comes With It (eBook)

August 9, 2017

Leadership is one of the most studied and least understood concepts. The 21 articles in this leadership eBook reveal what makes a successful leader.

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However we look at leadership, from the macro level of vision and strategy, to the micro level of processes and execution, from within a culture that enhances or inhibits success, to the character and values of the people who comprise the enterprise, the outcome will be judged more by the quality
of the journey than by its arrival at its destination. In other words, it is not enough just to win, but how you win. That is all that matters. That is what always mattered.

Leadership is the most studied and least understood concept in organizations. We can all differentiate “good” from “bad” leadership, but this is more often after the fact. Written over a two to three year period, the 21 articles that comprise this leadership eBook cover the good, the bad and the ugly, providing actionable advice on how to become a better leader.

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Jack Muskat
Jack Muskat, Ph.D., is a Toronto-based Organizational Psychologist, writer and lecturer with over 25 years consulting and business experience with individuals and organizations. He advises senior executives and managers around selection and developmental planning. Dr. Muskat is an acknowledged expert on issues relating to organizational culture and leadership, succession planning and strategic management. He also teaches courses on leadership and negotiations at the Schulich School of Business.

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