Loving Your Work is All about Mindset

In my job, I get to talk to a lot of people about their jobs — what works for them, what isn’t working — the good, the bad and sometimes the very, very ugly. However, I recently met a woman who summed it all up nicely — let’s call her Karen.

Karen explained that when she got her first job, she was happy to be working. And because she was happy to have a job, she interacted positively with those around her: her colleagues, her clients, people she had to talk to in other departments and her supervisor. And because she interacted positively with them, she got to hear about their jobs and how some of them didn’t like what they did. She said that because she was so young, it didn’t even occur to her to dislike her job — she was happy to have one and it was a good position and people were nice.

Throughout her working career, however, she’s come to realize that not everyone loves their job — and there are certainly times when she has not enjoyed a task or a day or a meeting — but she has chosen to love what she does anyhow. To this day, she’s still grateful — that basic is always there for her. Additionally, though, she continues to focus on the positive and continues to treat others well. She smiles and makes the best of each situation. She is working in a team with a meaningful (for her) mandate, and she sees the purpose in what she’s doing. Karen keeps smiling.

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