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Jan/Feb 2019

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Happy New Year! It’s the start of an exciting year for us (and hopefully …

What a ride it's been.

Conventional wisdom says that paying people more increases motivation. Research shows otherwise.
  • Getting Anxious About Anxiety

  • The stigma of anxiousness may be lifting, but workplace attitudes have not caught up
  • Mat Leave Around the World

  • Standards for expectant mothers depend on where you are having your baby
  • Power Up: Chia Seeds

  • So Your CEO Is a Millennial...

  • Like it or not, you're going to work for someone younger than you
  • Sleeping on the Job? Go Right Ahead

  • Nodding off at work is just what the doctor, and your employer, ordered
  • Your Wellness Program May Be Making People Less Well

  • Wellness programs are not one-size-fits-all. Understanding nuances of employee needs can help create better programs
  • Non-employees Are People Too

  • Full-time employees are one thing but it's likely you work with on-demand staff too. How you manage them can make a difference to your bottom line.
  • Does Money Hurt Workplace Motivation?

  • Conventional wisdom says that paying people more increases motivation. Research shows otherwise.
  • On the Money

  • At press time, the Liberal legacy Pay Transparency Act in Ontario was still being mulled over by Doug Ford's Conservatives. Are employers ready for the next steps?
  • Back to Work

  • Integrating people with disabilities into your workplace not only helps that employee but can also be a boon for the bottom line.
  • The Times They Are-a-Changin'

  • A brave new world...or is it?
  • Why is Everyone So "Sad"?

  • Coming back to work after the holidays can be tough on employees and management. What's a manager to do?
  • Hidden Figures

  • Pay transparency is something most people agree on. How are companies discussing it before legislation is enacted?
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