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Jan/Feb 2017

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On The Cover

  • Unlimited Vacation

  • Does This Benefit Sound too Good to be True?


    Does this benefit sound too good to be true?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) could make choosing a candidate easier, but would you like the choice?

    Organizations are coming up with ever more creative employee benefits. Take our quiz and see ...

    The 2016 Imagine Your Workplace Conference immersed attendees in leadership trends, from the highly scientific ...

    Here's why employers in some of Canada’s most stressful industries are working to dispel the ...

    Brassicas like kohlrabi and cabbages are hearty enough to survive winter and a long stint ...
  • Is Your Organization Uncool?

  • Don't worry - you can still attract top talent.
  • Would You Trust a Computer to Make Your Next Hire?

  • AI could make choosing a candidate easier, but would you like the choice?
  • Putting Your Money Where Your Conscience Is

  • Is investing with a conscience a savvy move or a waste of money?
  • Voice: Exploring the Notion of Paying Your Dues

  • Is your hard work actually going to pay off?
  • Innovate or Die

  • How to create a culture of innovation.
  • Is Your Client's Head on the Chopping Block?

  • The challenges of "remedial" coaching.
  • What's New in EAPs?

  • From their roots in helping WW2 veterans struggling with alcohol abuse to new initiatives to aid employees with financial struggles, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) benefit employees and employers alike.
  • Company Profile: Quanser

  • Balancing innovation with pragmatism.
  • Conversations: Taking the Reins

  • Most employers say they want proactive employees, but speaking up comes with a risk.
  • What I Think: Feed Positivity

  • Thoughts on the Trump election from a cockeyed optimist.
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