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Jul/Aug 2018

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On The Cover

  • Employees Need Boundaries, not Walls

  • Two organizations innovating workspace design discuss the new trends that are improving the open-plan office


    Does modern management harm employee health and company performance? This book explores how we got ...

    It used to be easier to say “no” to work. Only a few select professionals …

    Now perhaps more than ever, we are suspicious of our leaders and vigilant about questioning …

    Learn how pharmacogenomics can help reduce drug waste and keep employees healthy and productive.

    Why? Because it’s good for you.
  • Could a Dumber Phone Make You More Productive?

  • As email and other work increasingly encroach on personal time, could a phone that does less be better?
  • Collecting Data on Employees: Cutting-Edge or Creepy?

  • From wearable gadgets to implants, technology is enabling employers to monitor their staff like never before
  • How to Care for Yourself When it’s Your Job to Care for Others

  • If you’re feeling drained or tapped out, know that you’re not alone
  • Assume the Project is Dead and You Killed It

  • Grim though it might sound, conducting a pre-mortem before a big project can help ensure positive results
  • You Can’t Embrace Inclusion then Expect Everyone to be the Same

  • Learn how to create D&I initiatives that really work
  • Why Canadian Employee Engagement is Falling while Global Engagement is on the Rise

  • As exciting as new technology and business practices are, the impacts on engagement aren’t all positive
  • We Want You to Be a Deviant

  • Not all rebellious acts are bad — learn how to infuse happiness into work through positive deviance
  • How to Work Around the Clock (and Stay Sane)

  • When it’s always nineto- five somewhere, how do global citizens avoid working a 24/7 workday?
  • The Trick to Ensuring Flex Work Doesn’t Become Endless Work

  • What you need to know to manage the challenges of flexible working arrangements
  • Exploring New Ways of Learning at Work

  • At this year’s Imagine Your Workplace Conference we tried out some new techniques we want to share with you — and we invite you to suggest your own brave ideas for reinventing learning in the workplace
  • YW Profile: Photographers Without Borders

  • While its staff works to make the world a better place, this year’s Your Workplace Thrive Award® winner aims to improve the lives of its staff
  • Rewire Your Brain to Become a Better Leader

  • Think you don’t have a good head to be truly successful? Advances in brain research prove that leadership qualities can be acquired
  • The Business-Minded Reader

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