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Jul/Aug 2016

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On The Cover

  • The Art and Science of Workplace Engagement

  • It's discouraging but true: a surfeit of employees are disengaged at work. Dr. Ron Friedman, who studies the art and science of engagement, shares how this can be resolved in the workplace.


    Having energy left at the end of the day for family is important. Managers can ...

    We don’t need leaders who treat their staff as “human capital’ or “human resources”, but ...

    The mental health of the next generation is increasingly fraught at work. What can you ...

    According to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. We asked 4 ...

    See how some companies are challenging the status quo of mediocrity with innovative wellness program ...

    Yuk? We say yum! The addition of avocado makes this innovate take on sardines on ...

    Women earn 21% less than men. This clock shows how long women should work given ...
  • Voice: Like Fish out of Water

  • Are we actually showing our true personalities at our workplace?
  • How do you Approach Negotiations?

  • With a new perspective on negotiating, you can pave the way for greater success.
  • Highly Valued Thinking

  • Not all workplaces are designed to leverage the temperament of slow; deliberate and focused introverts.
  • Imagine Your Workplace

  • This June, participants from across Canada gathered to learn how to create a workplace that is engaging, supportive and inspiring to all employees.
  • Embrace the Three Laws

  • Build a strategy behind your recognition program and watch your employees flourish.
  • Company Profile: Brother Canada

  • A transition from Technical Support to Customer Care.
  • Psst... Your Millenials are Depressed

  • The mental health of the next generation is increasingly fraught at work. What can you do to help?
  • Moving Toward a Perfect World

  • The national standard for psychological health is making inroads.
  • Conversations: The Changing Face of Benefits in Canada

  • For the first time in history, Canada has more seniors than children. With an aging population, how will health benefit plans have to evolve to survive? David Willows, Vice-President of Strategic Market Solutions at Green Shield Canada, has done the research and talks about the current state of benefits coverage across the country.
  • What I Think: Remote Work

  • Some things are easier said than done.
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