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Mar/Apr 2017

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On The Cover

  • The Retirement Tsunami: Myth or Fact?

  • Is now the time to prepare for the mass exodus of boomers?


    Contrary to how it might feel, being a mom can actually make you more productive ...

    NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre fosters collaboration, creating an atmosphere that engages not only employees ...

    2016’s Imagine Your Workplace Conference addressed the future of work, including these three massive changes ...

    The viral video "Tea and Consent" inspires us to talk about workplace sexual harassment in ...

    We all have work we have to do that bores us to tears. Learn why ...
  • What Exactly is Saved by Daylight Saving Time?

  • Here's why Alberta is proposing to abolish the practice.
  • Think Having Children Decreases a Woman's Productivity?

  • Being a woman can actually make you more productive at work.
  • Giving Your People a Voice

  • Taking the time to go on a listening tour can reap rewards for leaders.
  • Powet Up Recipe: Asparagus

  • A food that makes you smarter.
  • Voice: Unplugging to Stay Sane

  • Why everyone needs to unplug every now and then.
  • Big Data is watching you

  • How "People Analytics" are used in the hiring process.
  • Company profile: NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre

  • Proving employee engagement doesn't just improve the lives of employees - it can have a positive impact on the whole community.
  • Conversations: Does having a Plan B increase your chance of failure?

  • Having a back-up plan provides a lot of benefits: it provides a cushion, so that if things don't go as planned you have another option. But it can also reduce your motivation for achieving what you originally set out to achieve.
  • What I Think: Why We Need Immigrants More than Ever

  • Immigrants are helping Canada's population problem.
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