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May/Jun 2017

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On The Cover

  • The Secret to Higher Productivity is Sex

  • Research in the burgeoning field of human sustainability reveals the positive impact that sex has on our work, but can that research be put into action? Can you improve the sex lives of your employees? One town in Sweden is considering it.


    As Canada Day approaches, our sesquicentennial has me rethinking birthdays

    How to culturally integrate new Canadians into your organization.

    Compassion is a key competency that should be hard-wired into organizations. This important book makes ...

    Like many professionals, you are probably working hard to address leadership development. Employee Volunteerism provides ...

    The Yerkes-Dodsons law shows that we need moderate levels of stress to motivate us. However, ...
  • Oil for Less Squeaky Wheels

  • 3 tactics for helping introverted employees thrive.
  • Do Flex Workers Have More Fun?

  • Two things you might not know about flexible working.
  • 40 Wellness Program Ideas You Might Want to Steal

  • Dreading your next wellness committee meeting? Let these creative ideas inspire you.
  • Can You Fire Someone for a Nasty Tweet?

  • What every employer should know about the law and social media
  • Power Up Recipe: Apples

  • The best part about good food is sharing it with your friends.
  • Voice: Banking on Financial Advice

  • Are financial advisors actually helping you?
  • Put Away Your Devices and Chill

  • “Available-ism” is threatening employee well-being, and necessitates periodically disengaging mentally from work
  • Don’t be a D.O.P.E.

  • Avoid the four mistakes leaders almost always make
  • Overwhelmed by What’s on Your Mind?

  • Get out of your head and into your body
  • Is Your Wellness Program Missing Something?

  • Taking a holistic approach to wellness can improve the well-being of your team and your organization.
  • Is Job Insecurity Making Employees Sick?

  • Open communication is the key.
  • The Rise of the "Seniorpreneur"

  • Canadians are increasingly choosing entrepreneurship over retirement.
  • YW Profile: Shopify

  • Cultivating a Positive Culture
  • A Bright Spot in the Future of Mental Health at Work

  • The results of a three year national research study are in, and they're encouraging
  • The Business-Minded Reader

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