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Volume 19/6
Nov/Dec 2017

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On The Cover

  • What Rocks and What Sucks with Employee Recognition

  • Making people feel valued is cheaper and easier than you might think


    In researching this edition of Your Workplace, which features employee rewards and recognition, we came …

    By showing appreciation and giving thanks at work, we boost performance, increase engagement and make ...

    During the holiday season productivity can suffer. Use these three strategies to keep employees engaged ...
  • Wellness Weigh-In

  • Are you fat-shaming your employees?
  • 10 Terrible Gift Ideas

  • Avoid these all-too-common mistakes when rewarding your employees
  • The Need for Name-Blind Hiring

  • Would you be more likely to hire a Greg Johnson than a Xuiying Zhang?
  • Power Up: Root Vegetables

  • “Back to Your Roots Latkes” recipe wins our contest
  • Voice: This Sexist Tech Bro Might Have Stumbled Onto a Valid Point

  • Did Google do the right thing?
  • Are You on the Right Path?

  • Four self-coaching questions to help you prepare for the future.
  • Recruit Top Talent by Stepping Up Your Wellness Game

  • Wellness programs don’t just speak to the well-being of your employees — they say a lot about your work culture
  • Are You Derailing Valuable Feedback?

  • The next time you receive feedback, make sure you don’t switch tracks
  • The Age of Algorithms

  • What the future holds when it comes to artificial intelligence
  • Think Like an Optimist

  • How to be your best when you feel you're at your worst.
  • Do You Know Your ROR?

  • Shockingly few organizations are measuring the return on their recognition programs.
  • Welcoming New Canadians

  • Promote hospitality in the workplace through dialogue.
  • Beat the Holiday Productivity Slump

  • Three strategies to keep employees engaged despite the distractions of the season.
  • YW Profile: 365 Technologies

  • Sharing the wealth
  • Does Boring Work Make You Naughty?

  • Research indicates that people are more inclined to be unethical when they do routine, tedious jobs.
  • The Business-Minded Reader

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