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Nov/Dec 2018

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For years, Your Workplace has touted the importance of work-life balance. We even made …


In our desire to get more done, it seems like everyone, everywhere, is purporting to …

For years, Your Workplace has touted the importance of work-life balance. We even made …

Mary Jane may be attending your next holiday event

With the holiday season upon us, how do you socialize in the office?
  • Medical Cannabis: The Next Chapter

  • Questions to answer before providing coverage in your benefits plan
  • We Don't Think You Should Wear Pyjamas to Work

  • But it's interesting that it's become an option
  • The Personal Touch

  • There's more to retaining your employees than a paycheque
  • Power Up: Nootropics

  • 11 powerful memory-enhancing foods
  • Performance Reviews Are Dead

  • Is there any way to revive performance reviews and bring them into the 21st century?
  • 'Tis The Season...To Feel Stressed and Blue?

  • Heed these top five steps to keep your sanity and stay emotionally healthy this holiday season
  • Who Wants Six Extra Vacation Days for Not Smoking?

  • Wellness programs are growing globally yet Canadian companies continue to lag behind
  • This is a Terrible Day...Or Is It?

  • Assess how negativity bias may be impacting the positives in your life
  • You Are Your Friends

  • "Surround yourself with only people who are going to life you higher" ~ Oprah Winfrey
  • You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

  • Creating a culture of learning
  • Integrating Mental Health into Your Wellness Program

  • The Royal Canadian Mint shows leadership by incorporating mental health services into the Mint's wellness program
  • Your Brain on Multitasking

  • It's not always a positive to do too many things at once, especially when the quick hit of a technology fix looms in the background
  • Destressing Workplace Stress

  • The Business-Minded Reader

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