Marijuana and Work

cannabis in the workplace
July 25, 2018

Our panel of experts answer all the questions you or your staff might have about the impending legalization of recreational marijuana and work.

July 25, 2018 AT 12:00pm

With the impact date of recreational marijuana legalization fast approaching, employees and employers alike are going to be asking questions. As an HR leader or manager what are you going to need to know to answer them?

Join our panel of experts online as they discuss and debate this issue and answer your questions.

Time: 12 pm – 1 pm EST

Marijuana and Work Panelists:

Jason Fleming

Jason is a dynamic HR executive with a decade of varied HR experience. In 2017, he was recognized as one of the top 25 HR professionals in Canada by the Canadian HR Reporter. Jason is the Vice President of Human Resources with MedReleaf Corp., Canada’s premier licensed producer of medical cannabis.

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Paula AllenPaula Allen

Paula Allen is currently the Vice President of Research, Analytics and Integrative Solutions for Morneau Shepell. Her focus is on the current, emerging and most complex issues that have the greatest impact on workplace health, cost and productivity. She is also a well-recognized expert in workplace mental health, disability management, and drug plan management. Paula plays a key role in Morneau Shepell’s innovation strategy and product incubator.



Sara Temkit

Sara Temkit has experience in both community and hospital pharmacy. She currently works as a Consulting Pharmacist at Personalized Prescribing (a pharmacogenetic testing company), where she helps patients with their drug therapy problems.

Interested in learning more about marijuana and the workplace?

Join us this September for our upcoming regional event: “Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis in the Workplace”

Taking place in Calgary, this half-day intensive workshop will help employers understand the coming change and its implication with content covering:

  • The key organizational questions that need to be answered
  • The essential components of a legally sound policy
  • If differences between marijuana and alcohol should be accounted for in policy, practice and culture
  • When to update your policy and when to replace it
  • How should marijuana be included in your benefits plan

This workshop is more than just policy; it’s about people, evolving viewpoints and workplace culture. Participants will walk away with a draft policy statement to help them move through this new landscape.


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